Who We Are

It spread like fire and was undertaken by manufacturer, thereby reaching India as well.

In 1964, Sayed abdul wahab when he saw the world war 2 movie, he got inspired by the vehicle used in the movie and thought if made in India , this product would excel here too.

It was then in 1964 , he got his ideas into action and manufactured the sidecar. Due to lack of education he wasn’t confident enough about marketing but the almighty had some different plans, and he (sayed abdul wahab) came across an angel (D’Souza –chief officer of the ship) who got bhatwadkar and sayyed abdul wahab acquainted. Manufactured by Sayed A wahab and marketing done by ‘Globe’ gave a name fame to sidecars and the two sided business excelled. But due to some unhealthy issues between the two (sayed abdul wahab & Globe), the good equation collapsed.

In 1968, son of sayed abdul wahab i.e sayed khaleel A wahab got in the scenario and guided his father to market the sidecar now by themselves in the name of COZY INDIA. The self-business went on smooth as ever and acquired name in the market. It was now healthy family business.

Unfortunately, sayed abdul wahab ( may peace be upon him) expired in 1988; after this loss, the family too came across harships since the once successful family business now turned into a bad pace.

Thus, it was finally decided that the business would split up. And in 2011 the initial founder, sayed khaleel .A.wahab put up a new company named as COZY INDIA.

In 2014, AMALGATION on 30th October 2014 COZY INDIA , COZY INDIA headquarters is at rabale navi Mumbai & COZY INDIA headquarters is at byculla Mumbai . In 2016, now COZY INDIA opened as new branch as C.I.CUSTOMS in Bengaluru.

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